Sunday, January 24, 2010

Acronyms Ahoy!

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The husband told me that 2010 would be the year I'd have to move from being a S/WAHM back to a WOHM, unless I had a book hidden away that came with a 'very nice deal' advance attached to it. Alas, that 'very nice deal' wasn't even a sparkle in this authors eye, so it was looking for jobs for me.

Frankly, I'd not thought to find something as fast as I did - I sent out a resume on Monday, heard from an employer Wednesday, and by Friday I had a job offer in hand. It seems I was just the right person in the right place at the right time, WAHOO! Well, wahoo kinda...

I'd worked right trough my 99/00 pregnancy, then after a few months off had gone back to work again, but then in Sept 2001 we came to the USA. While my husband had a valid visa for work, I didn't so I became an enforced SAHM. And that way I stayed until Jan 2010. Eight long years out of the workforce, so it was a little nerve wracking to know that in just two days I'd be back amongst the working again.

That first half a week? OMG what a killer - I was in bed and deep asleep by 9pm each night. Last week at least I managed to get all the way through Castle on Monday and Fringe on Thursday :) Forget about housework... and writing.

This week though I have grand plans of being a together and with-it WOHM. At least an hour each night dedicated to writing - more if I'm not having to prop my eyes open with toothpicks.

It sounds sad to say it, but it's taking some work to get back to being a normal working person - you know the one that doesn't fall face first into her bed when she gets home, but first makes dinner, catches a tv show, does some craft/oddjobs (in my instance, filling orders from Anne's Addictions), and puts some time in on her hobby before heading for some well earned zzz.

I used to be able to, hopefully it won't take too much longer to get back into the habit 'cause I've got stories to get written!

(PS. For the acronym impaired: SAHM - stay at home mother, WAHM - work at home mother, WOHM work out of home mother)

(PPS. I'm back working in an Optometry Practice - oh my, how insurance makes things sooo different)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Come hear me... & some changes afoot...

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This Sunday (Jan 10th) I'll be a guest on Kink on Tap, a once weekly talkshow/podcast run by MayMay and Emma.

Remember me telling you about the wonderful website May runs, Well, one of May's other works is Kink for All (unconferences designed to speak openly, frankly and positively about all types of sexuality) and part of that again is Kink on Tap. Male Submission Art supplied me with many of the images that were used as inspiration for His Intimate Submission. May picked up on some of those link backs and commented here, and from there invited me to talk about being an author wanting to write about male submission in a positive and romantic light (well sort of, HIS is erotica after all :) ).

So that's where you'll find me from about 7.30est tomorrow night - though the show doesn't officially start until 8pm est. Please do come along and participate in the chat room, the topics will be wide and varied that's for sure (you can see some of the things tagged for possible discussion on Kink on Tap's delicious feed). You never know who might be there, and frankly there are some interesting folks, with some interesting kinks that have all sorts of relevant things to say. (Jury's still out on if I will be at all interesting or relevant :) )

Now, those changes... Seems I've gone and gotten myself a job. More details to come once it's all official.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Totally off topic...

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Has anyone by chance run across any papers/works/blogs relating corsetry of say 1600-1900 to enforced chastity/sexual repression of women and possibly linked to puritanical views of the church re women and sex?

Just a touch out there, no? But the mind takes you in strange directions at times :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009


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2010-graphicYes, 2010 is right here on the doorstep, knocking insistently to be let in.

Would it be rude to tell it to bugger off because I've gotten exactly one, yes 1 thing of the ten on my list done this year? Hmm,  maybe I should be welcoming it with open arms because, yes, I think 2009 can go on the 'oh, that year? it was forgettable' list.

So. Tweeps have been doing this 'Word for 2010' thing. This year my word is PullyourheadouttayourarseandDOIT!

That's not one word? I beg to differ. Productivity.

And she says with great zeal: I WILL be productive this year!

Feel free to publicly flay me if by March there isn't a new SOLD post on this blog.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interview & Tidbits

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Come over to Lynn Crain's blog to find out more about me, and about His Intimate Submission

The first review for HIS from BookBinge:

"Douglas is very effective at building the foundation of mutual respect and desire between Lucy and Jason. It’s clear in how carefully Lucy researches the lifestyle that she really cares about Jason and wants the experience to be fulfilling for him."

"...the story features very hot sexual encounters between a couple who are both likeable and clearly seem to care deeply for each other"

And from @girrlitsbooks on twitter: 'Loved it! Want another story with them! ' & 'loved the characters and the learning IYKWIM' & 'It worked for this reader'

And Bookbinge on Curious Intimacies:
'Anne Douglas has a strong imagination, and while this novella is only 44 pages, it’s well written. Douglas does a nice job of giving the reader enough information about Shane’s friendship with Jason, as well as laying the foundation of Lucy and Jason’s relationship, so that the encounter is plausible.'