Sunday, January 24, 2010

Acronyms Ahoy!

(My Original Blog Post:
The husband told me that 2010 would be the year I'd have to move from being a S/WAHM back to a WOHM, unless I had a book hidden away that came with a 'very nice deal' advance attached to it. Alas, that 'very nice deal' wasn't even a sparkle in this authors eye, so it was looking for jobs for me.

Frankly, I'd not thought to find something as fast as I did - I sent out a resume on Monday, heard from an employer Wednesday, and by Friday I had a job offer in hand. It seems I was just the right person in the right place at the right time, WAHOO! Well, wahoo kinda...

I'd worked right trough my 99/00 pregnancy, then after a few months off had gone back to work again, but then in Sept 2001 we came to the USA. While my husband had a valid visa for work, I didn't so I became an enforced SAHM. And that way I stayed until Jan 2010. Eight long years out of the workforce, so it was a little nerve wracking to know that in just two days I'd be back amongst the working again.

That first half a week? OMG what a killer - I was in bed and deep asleep by 9pm each night. Last week at least I managed to get all the way through Castle on Monday and Fringe on Thursday :) Forget about housework... and writing.

This week though I have grand plans of being a together and with-it WOHM. At least an hour each night dedicated to writing - more if I'm not having to prop my eyes open with toothpicks.

It sounds sad to say it, but it's taking some work to get back to being a normal working person - you know the one that doesn't fall face first into her bed when she gets home, but first makes dinner, catches a tv show, does some craft/oddjobs (in my instance, filling orders from Anne's Addictions), and puts some time in on her hobby before heading for some well earned zzz.

I used to be able to, hopefully it won't take too much longer to get back into the habit 'cause I've got stories to get written!

(PS. For the acronym impaired: SAHM - stay at home mother, WAHM - work at home mother, WOHM work out of home mother)

(PPS. I'm back working in an Optometry Practice - oh my, how insurance makes things sooo different)


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