Sunday, June 18, 2006

...I always thought my name in print would be very cool...

Ohhhhh and it is! Got through some coverart today and hoooeee! it looks just like I imagined if I had been peeking into that shower scene.

Adult Content Excerpt

Hands in her shower!
Oh God! Jo turned, eyes closed, not wanting to see who was behind her. Please, please let it be a homicidal psycho killer!
She opened her eyes to see a pair of warm brown eyes beside a pair of jade green. “Oh!” Even in her mind it was a whisper.
“Consequences are a bitch, Jo,” Brian rasped out as he swept her into his arms and gave her a harsh proprietary kiss.
She felt another body come up behind her, pulling closer to fit her body snuggly to his front.
Brian’s lips brushed her neck as he murmured, “Don’t worry, Jo. My punishments always end up very satisfactory for both parties.” He lifted her arms up around Matt’s neck forcing her forward into him with a nudge of his hips.
She had seen how big both men were in the garden last night, but the feel of one large cock pressed against her belly while the other was against her back only enhanced the visual she hadn’t been able to get out of her head..
Wait! Mentally trying to shake her mind clear, she tried to think. Thinking was proving a hard task with her two best friends doing their best to fry her brain.
Why where they doing this? They had never touched her before with any sort of sexual intent till this morning. What had changed? Why now? She felt Matt deepen the kiss plunging his tongue further into her mouth.
Who the hell cared? She was in the middle of her hottest fantasy—she was going to play it out till what ever end came.

Where oh where can I find myself a Matt and Brian? 'Cause I really need to get clean....

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