Wednesday, July 05, 2006

...Crossing fingers...Tuesday 11th...

Here's to next Tuesday...I hope! ROFL. At least I have all that horrible worrying out of the way now the real release day is going to be a piece of cake.

I managed to finally get Santa's story all out and on paper. Hopefully it comes off as quirky and fun.

Want to read some more? Too bad if you don't here it is :)

Nick pushed his mug forward to Jim the bar tender in the universal sign of ‘fill’er up, mate’ and stared at his empty hands wondering what the hell to do now he had done what Simon had advised and found out more about Bea and the town she grew up in.

“Hey Jim.” The ‘he thought was the main man’ yelled out. “Have ya seen this guy that is in town asking after Battleship Beatrice?” The two wingmen laughed at the name calling. Nick’s ears pricked up as he heard the nasty nickname Bea had been given at school.

Jim the bar tender flicked a glance Nick’s way. He had been talking with Nick earlier about the very same person. He had been another of the employers who only had good things to say. “Some guy asking after Bea? Didn’t he know that she upped and left a month ago?”

“Silly cunt needed to go and get herself lost. Guess she just couldn’t keep up with dear old ma and decided to hit the road.” The three men laughed again and slugged back mouthfuls of their beers. “Stupid bitch didn’t know what was good for her. Plenty of folks would have paid for a ride on that fleshy ass of hers.” The man drained his mug and slapped it down on the bar with a belch then called out to Jim for a refill.

If ‘Mr. I’m the man’ had known what he had just walked himself into he would have stayed in bed that morning and rang his momma to come make clasp him to her over pandering bosom. Nick might usually come under the heading of gentle giant, but once he was riled get out of the way, he was a juggernaut.

Jim the bartender, like the principal and the supermarket manager before him had been concerned about Bea’s sudden departure. They had been close mouthed until Nick had explained that he was Bea’s new husband and that he had right royally put his foot in it. Both men had laughed, slapped him on the shoulder and commented ‘the first times always the hardest’ and ‘don’t worry it won’t be the last time’. The female principal had smiled and wished him the best of luck and had given him three words of advice—grovel, beg and gems. Jim now gave a discrete nod of his head in acquiescence. Nick had a green light to do what he needed to protect and defend his woman.

Unfolding himself from the bar stool, he stood to his full height and rolled his shoulders to ease the tension that the white hot anger coursing through his veins was causing. If punches got thrown he didn’t want to give the foul mouth bastard any edge. He caught the attention of one of the offsiders when he cracked his knuckles. The man wisely moved from his place at the bar.

“Hey, who’s that you’re talking about?” Nick called out to the idiot who was oblivious to what everyone else in the bar was quite aware of—one really big pissed off male.

Finally the jerk wad at the bar took some notice of his surroundings and turned towards Nick’s voice. Nicks very low, very edgy, very mad voice.

“Who the hell are you?” The first two mugs of beer skulled in quick succession had done their job and the man stumbled as he turned to squint at the hulk in front of him. “Shit dude, you’re huge!” He had to take a step back to get the full picture that was Nick.

“Yeah, I’m a bit bigger than some. So, who was that you were talking about?”

The man shrugged and reached from his refilled glass. “Nobody, really. The local slut’s daughter who always thought she was a cut above the rest. Stupid bitch never got it through her head that the only thing this entire town ever had use for her was flat on her back beside her momma.”

“She wouldn’t fuck you huh?” Nick could move quietly and quickly for a large man. ‘Mr. I like to think I’m the man’ hadn’t yet realized that the real deal, he is the Man, Alpha with a capital A was now within arms reach.

“Nah, she didn’t fuck anyone. Bitch was that cold your dick would probably fall off if you stuck it in her.”

“Well thank god for that. The idea that you had got within a bulls roar of my Wife makes me want to hit something.” Nick moved up close into the other mans personal space, sending his leaning back almost toppling off the back of the bar stool.

“Your wife?” Had Nick been an observer he would have laughed at the comical scene it would have made—the big rock-solid man leaning over the cowering nancy boy. But he wasn’t observing this encounter; he was the big rock-solid man going to teach a slimy worm some manners and respect.

Santa's got it going on!

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