Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just for Caye

Well and anyone else interested lol!

A couple of tidbits from Trusting David :

“Holy shit!” Rushing over to the woman crumpled on the ground he could see that she had been horribly beaten. Her face was a mass of cuts, her arm was at an odd angle, and she was cradling it with her torso.

He knelt down beside her broken body and reached out to her. She drew back in fear.

“I’m not going to hurt you. But I'm going to have to... Oh Hell!” She had slumped into a faint. Pulling out his cell phone, he dialed 911 while trying to find a pulse in the woman’s neck. It beat strongly despite her weak condition.

Feeling sleazy for having to touch her so intimately, David ran his hands over her stomach. The woman had talked about a baby, but he couldn’t see any obvious signs of pregnancy. He hoped that if she was only in the first few months the beating was not going to cause a miscarriage.

“I’m sorry to do this too you, lady, but while your out I'm going to take you inside. Josie can help until the paramedics get here.” David couldn’t help but notice how tall the woman was. Even so she would look petite beside his bulk. For some reason, he felt instantly protective of her, far beyond just being the person who had found her -- he wanted the son of a bitch that had done this to her to suffer, bad, and make sure it never happened to her again.

David ran an arm under her shoulders and another under her knees. Leaving her damaged arm cradled to her chest, and lifted her into his arms. Her head fit just nicely under his chin, and somehow despite the situation, felt like it was a perfect fit.

Trying not to jostle her too much David strode to the house and started to bang on the door and ring the bell, trying to get someone’s attention.

“Josie!” David couldn’t believe how frantic he sounded. He was usually so calm and collected “Josie! It’s David. I need you to open up, I found a woman in the parking lot, and she’s been beaten.”

Josie pulled the door open with a crash. “Damn! Bring her in here, David. There is a bed in the first room on the right.” Josie locked up the door, and followed David into the room, watching him as he gently laid the woman on the bed.

“I called the paramedics from the parking lot, they should be here soon. Her arm is definitely broken. And she was awake for a few moments but blacked out again just after I found her.” Looking down, David knew he had to let Josie look at her injuries, but couldn’t bring himself to step aside.

Elbowing David out of the way Josie got her first real glimpse of the woman.

“Sweet Jesus!” Josie’s cry and gasp of breath brought David’s head up. “Oh my God, it’s Kate.” Josie turned to David, face blanched white with fear. “Where’s Ginny?”

“Who the hell is Ginny?” Why the hell wasn’t Josie doing anything about the bleeding?

“Oh Lord, Kate has a baby girl, David. Where’s her baby girl?” Rough tough Josie was yelling at him -- frantic with worry about the little girl.

“She said something about helping her baby when I heard her. I thought she meant she was pregnant -- Christ!” David ran his hands back through his hair.

“Ginny is only two, David. She goes wherever Kate goes.”

“Help her, Josie. I’m going to go see if I can find her kid.” David took off at a run for the back door.

And :

“Hey, McCabe! There’s someone here to see you.”

Looking up from the framing he was nailing in place all David could see was Tim’s shit eating grin. The man had been with the company for years, and refused to stop working or take a less arduous position. He was sixty five and still one of the best men on any of the teams. He always took the young boys under his wing and turned them in to excellent builders. David was proud to have such a good man and talented builder working at McCabe Construction. “Wish I had visitors bringing me picnic lunches. Hell, I would just take the good looking girl; she doesn’t even need to bring lunch.”

What the hell? Looking around he had no idea who or what Tim was talking about.

“Like flies to a honey pot… look behind the wall of builders over by the trucks.” Tim gestured with his thumb over his shoulder. “You better get there quick before someone else takes a fancy and sneaks them away from under your nose.”

Oh, no. No, she couldn’t have?

Could she?

All of a sudden getting this last beam in place was not a priority.

“Kate and Ginny?” While just the thought of them made him smile, the idea of his team of builders… well lets just not go there. He knew Tim was watching intently as he frowned.

“Yup. I’m not sure who’s conquering whom, but my money is on Ginny. She’s going to have those boys wrapped round her finger… oh… about now at my reckoning.”

Turning, both men watched as the wall of men broke, and through them came Ginny holding Big Bob’s (named because he was six five and about five foot wide) pinky finger and skipping along talking a mile a minute, and from what they could hear telling him all about her bringing ‘ch’eros for Da’ids lunch’.

Tim chuckled. Big Bob looked like he had just been whacked in the forehead with a two by four. Following them came Kate flanked by Bruce and Aaron. The two macho, lets go to the bar and pick ourselves up some chicks, love ‘em and leave ‘em types were actually hovering over Kate like she was the Queen, making sure she didn’t trip. And coming up the rear like a lost puppy, came Jones carrying a basket. He was eighteen and by the looks of it had just fallen in love -- yet again.

“Oh God.” David groaned. “They are going to be moon faced for the rest of the day aren’t they?”

“You right along with them I think, lad.” Tim looked over, grin plastered to his face, “About bloody time. I had just about given up on you boy!”

Slapping him on the back as he left, Tim strode over to the group of men and started rounding them up into the truck to take them off site for lunch. Even an old man can match make now and then can’t he? Just wait till he told James just what his son was up to. He and Mary would be breaking out the family rings and booking the church.

Kate had made and brought him his lunch!

David reclined back on the blanket he had pulled out of one of the trucks. “I hope the guys didn’t bother you before.”

“They are just a big bunch of teddy bears.” Kate was laughing as she carried on pulling chicken sandwiches, fresh muffins and soda’s out of the basket.

She looked so damn beautiful when she laughed.

“I wasn’t expecting anything like this when we made our agreement, Kate.” David bit into one of the sandwiches, “But if you are going to make sandwiches that taste like this I might hit you up for making my lunch to bring everyday.”

“It’s only a chicken sandwich, David.”

Ah, but what a sandwich. He hadn’t tasted a sandwich like this in his life. It even beat his mothers -- hands down. David wondered how his mother was going take being knocked off her perch as the reigning sandwich queen.

“Honey, Mary makes a damn good lunch. But this has got her sandwiches beat.” Watching her face glow with his praise, David knew he was going to be as moonfaced as the rest of his team of builders for the remainder of the day and he really didn’t care in the slightest.

“Ginny and I were going a little nuts at home with no one else to talk to.” David had been watching Ginny’s every move -- a building site was a huge danger zone for a toddler -- but she threw down the dandelion she had picked and jumped onto his lap.

“I miss you too, Mr.Da’id.” He felt his heart in his throat as she gave him a big two year old sloppy kiss to the cheek accompanied with a big ‘Muah!’

“You’ve been missing me huh?” Looking over he watched as a slight blush ran up Kate’s face. In a loud stage whisper, “Did Momma miss me, too, Baby-girl?” Ginny nodded her head in agreement, her curls bouncing.

Ah ha!There we go, that little bit of pink had turned to full rose as Kate realized she had been caught out by her own daughter.

“I have missed you and Mommy, too, Honeybunch.” Kate was looking the other direction, trying to avoid him till her blazing cheeks settled. Quietly, for Kate’s ears only he said, “It’s nice to have someone at home to miss.” Kate’s eyes darted quickly back to his face, surprised.

“Yes… it is.” Kate’s voice was barely able audible, but her words came to him crystal clear. It looked like Kate was finally coming round to realizing that there was a man under that shiny armor she insisted on dressing him in.

Tim pulled the truck to a stop and the men fell over themselves in their hurry to get out. Rushing up Bruce yelled out to him. “Did Kate leave already?”

“Yup.” He carried on hammering in the nail to the joist he was working on.

“Aw, hell. We worked it out over lunch. I was going to ask her out tomorrow night, then Aaron on Tuesday night and Bob on Thursday.”

He just kept on hammering, “And Jones? What night does he get?” David was having a hard job reigning his irritation at Bruce’s words.

“Well… Jones decided that although older women are definitely appealing, he was too young to take on a child.”

He could feel the heat coming off Jones’ face from a storey up. Lifting his head he took in his young apprentice. “Wise choice, Jones, wise choice.” Bending his head back to his work he ignored the other men standing below him until he heard Bruce questioning him again.

“So… are you going to give us her number?”

David looked up and took in the members of his team. “And why would I give you lot the phone number of the woman who makes the best lunch I have ever eaten? You sure as hell better not be asking after Ginny’s because she won’t be dating this side of thirty if I have anything to do about it.” The group of men took a metaphorical step back from his heated and possessive gaze.

“Hook, line, and sinker. You’re a goner, boy!” Tim was studying him with a wide grin on his weathered face.

“Hoooo! So that’s the way of it, is it, boss?” It only took a second for the cat calls to start echoing around the jobsite.

“David and Katie in a tree, k..i..s..s..i..n..g!”

“The boss is in Luuuurve!” Lots of kissy face noises sounding out amongst their heckling.

David stood up and did his best angry boss glaring face. “Haven’t you lot got jobs to do?” The men strode off to their work areas yelling comments back over their shoulders.

Tim was still watching him intently. “Oh yes, just wait till James and Mary hear about this.” With a satisfied grin and a laugh he turned back to the lumber pile. “Hook, line and sinker boy. And I better not catch you looking moonfaced either!”

David scrubbed his hand over his face, trying to figure out what the hell he had just done. Christ, he was never going to live this down.


Celia Kyle said...

Yippee!! Thank You!!!! Ok, now where's the rest. Go ahead, hurry it up now, I don't have to leave for work until 7:15 so go ahead and post the rest of the book while you're at it. What's that? Are you laughing at me???? Fine, I guess I'll wait with everyone else for the release, but I'm not happy about it....

Anne Douglas said...

LMAO!! I'm almost tempted to see if you COULD finish it in ten minutes :D

Celia Kyle said...

Maybe not ten minutes, b/c I'm not even that good. But maybe an hour or two. My hubby constantly complains that I read books WAY too fast. That's why he's so happy I started books!!!! I bought yours though, I didn't want to wait and see if it was going to be offered to the reviewers and I HAD to have it. You're amazing and David seems so sweet...

Celia Kyle said...

Yay Anne....Obviously you've been writing today if you haven't commented again. Good Job!! I think you need to change the top of your blog though. You're no longer aspiring lady, you are an erotic romance author. Flaunt It! You published a book and it's been reviewed, I don't know how much more proof you need. :)