Saturday, September 09, 2006


Today, I had a classic WTH moment...well hubby did anyway - I had a classic laugh my arse off moment.

So to set the scene - Hubby comes home and picks up the Amazon package I hadn't realised was sitting at the front door (I had come in an alternate door), he exclaims "oooh my new programming book is here!" He then proceeds to rip open the fancy smancy packaging (rather cool actually - looks like vaccum pacakaging but its cardboard, wonder how they do that one!), glee happily marching its way across his face, only to come to a thudding faceplant against a brick wall as he reads the title of the book he has just exposed - SM 101. "What the ....HONEY!!!!" After shoving the book in my face he comments "you know other guys have wives that get books like html 101, or cooking 101, or photography wife gets a book on how to guy a up and torture him..."

I almost became a widow when he swallowed his tongue after I slyly suggested "Maybe its so you can learn to tie me up..." I tell you, it was a priceless moment to make mastercard proud.

I wonder what he is going to do when Guide to Getting It On!: Commemorative Edition, Blow him, Going Down arrive - I am still debating on The Joy of Gay Sex - revised and expanded (sort of sounds like it comes with some sort of 'expansion kit' if you know what I mean, doesn't it?)

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