Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Those sex books I mentioned earlier...

The next book arrived and damn it hubby was out of town! But the friendly neighbourhood mail man asked what was in the box instead. Considering the way he eyes up my boobs, I thought it best to not tell him it was The Guide to Getting it On by Paul Joannides. Now I am not usually one to plug other books (purely because I read so many, and so many are good), but I wanted to say, even after just skimming this book, if you are hunting for a frank, adult no nonsense book to give to your older teen to help them on the way to a good sex life, this is the book. (And adults too - LOTS of interesting things in there. Like did you realise John Kellogg was a sick twisted SOB that thought masturbation was the root of all evil?)

There is good sense, good warnings, good laughs, and lots of interesting information in ordinary everyday speak that doesn't feel like you are being preached at.

I guess I will have to keep this one for ten years on the bookshelf till jnr is 16 or so!


Celia Kyle said...

Thanks for the recommendation Anne! I'm always looking to expand on what dh calls the 'sex library'. LOL Any little birdie words on McCabes 2? *pout* I'm not so patiently waiting for it, can ya tell. :)


Anne Douglas said...

Well, I have added a scene and some extra dialogue, now I'm waiting to see if it is what my editor was after. You will know as soon as I do rofl, I am ready to be done with this :)

Celia Kyle said...

Who cares about the editor?! Don't they know that your adoring fans are clamoring for more? *keeping fingers and toes crossed that they'll see the light soon*