Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Reviews

Two from the same site, and both of them pretty good, if I do say so myself!

"Persuading Jo" is an excellent read. To read about how loveable Matt and Brian act in order to help Jo to overcome her shyness is really sweet and something you want to read and read and read again. That the two men love Jo from the bottom of their hearts and that they want Jo really in their relationship is a heart-warming experience to read about.

The love scenes are sorchingly hot and the only sad thing about this book is that there has to be an end.."

"PERSUADING JO is a ménage-à-trois reader's dream. All three characters are written very well and are very likeable. Matt and Brian are dreamy and would make any woman desire and want them warming her bed. Despite Jo having a hard and victimized history she is quite strong and has an inner drive and desire to succeed at what she sets her mind to. In PERSUADING JO there is light humor and a tad bit of drama, but what the focus of this story is, is to get Jo to accept and be in a relationship with her two best friends. The way in which the author does this is through a series of sensual steps that get your heart racing and Jo sexually primed for her two friends. Brian and Matt are any girl's wet dream so their seduction of Jo is not a difficult process. Yet because of some of her emotional scars there are a few road bumps in the way. The scenes with Jo and her men are very hot and take place in some wonderful places like outdoors and a shower scene to die for. The relationship between Matt and Brian in and of itself is very hot and these two men are very loving and physical with one another and eventually this includes Jo. The conclusion of this story is quite passionate and tender. I really enjoyed how MS. DOUGLAS made this steamy ménage-à-trois believable and work. The feelings and desires between all the characters are intense and their bond sexually is only highlighted and strengthened by their friendship. The respect and love they all share is quite enviable and their erotic scenes are not easily forgotten. I am so curious about the next book in this series."


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