Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blogger beta, websites and wordpress

Oh how I wish I hadn't pressed that yes button.

Html I can make my way around pretty reasonably. This new stuff? Not a hope in hell! Of course it isn't as easy as just copy and paste it into frontpage anymore (yeah, I know there are better out there but its on the machine, I know how to work it - sort of).

For the internetly challenged the whole editing system gives you a whole lot of choices...but what if you are slightly more than useless, but also not very good and want to change things around? Frustrating to say the least.

Caye put me onto Wordpress. So last night I managed systematically screwed my server over. Thank goodness correction was only a delete and a reinstall away.

So I am functional again, and have a dummy site hidden away to work on in my spare time. About that...the bad thing about this whole build a website idea? I spend so long screaming at my monitor because I can't make it work that I forget I have stories to write and Eppies to read.

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