Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reading habits

I will admit it, I am an addict.

But recently I am finding an annoying trend. I read three to four chapters then skip ahead to nearly the end to see if what I think is about to happen, happens. This is only with print books. I havent yet started it with e-books, I wonder why?

Maybe it is because "real" books - in so much as they are printed on paper and bound - are right there, its just a matter of moving a finger, where in an e-book i have to click a few times or type in a number of a page to go to?

Or is it that the standard, formulaic, romance books, are becoming just that. Standard and formulaic ie. boring. I have to admit, in e-books, there is such a wide variety in content; not all of it good. While I might not be skipping the pages yet, I have laughed aloud at bad e-books and print books. Bad is bad in every format!

Is it because a number of reputable e-book publishers aren't afraid to step out of the box and give us the low down nitty gritty - of both sex and real life emotions - rather than a little idyllic world for us to daydream about being real? Of course not all e-books are anywhere near to being based in "reality", but still the authors give us interesting angst, rather than the usual "he's the boss, I'm pregnant with my father twice removed cousins baby woe is me!"?

Although I am a closet fan of mystery baby daddy stories, go figure?

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