Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is this inane?

I'm trying to work on something new that's on a submission deadline, but damn the words are coming slowly. I really don't know what it is about this little ditty, but damn, it's like trying to pull krill from a whales teeth (not that they really have teeth they have these....oops getting off topic there).

How important is the happy ending? Not that this doesn't have one, but its destined more for a happy for now ending. And even then, that's not a good description either. Lets just say it has an ending, and everyone is happy in it.

Okay so the premise is : Two best mates; ones gay, ones straight. That's all hunky dory. The straight guy has met his one and only and she's a total firecracker in the bedroom, even going so far as to use her toys on him (nudge nudge, wink wink, if ya know what I mean) and the straight guy thinks the straight and narrow line might be getting a bit blurry.

Meanwhile the gay guy, who hasn't ever been with any form of the female persuasion, is wondering if his gay rainbow is starting to look a little straighter than normal, cause his best mate and his girl seem to have rather a lot of fun. So with a little encouragement they decide to experiment.

Straight guy teaches gay guy, gay guy teaches girl, straight guy gets to experience real man sexing (versus the pink strap on kind). Straight guy and girl are in lurve (the HFN/HEA part), gay guy is definitely not (but hey I have a plan for him aka bk2). No-one is worse off for wear at the end; infact they have realised a few things about themselves.

So, after all that, is the premise behind the story just too hokey?

It's not an epic tale, more of a stroke flick for girls, more erotica than erotic romance. And I seriously think I need to work up the synopsis a bit better before I submit it...though I did get the point across ROFL!

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