Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ranty McRant!

So, I'm a Kiwi right - home of the corner diary (like a 7/11 for the USA folks) that is owned by Indians . Asians have the takeway shops, and us white folk (said with tongue in cheek here people) have McDonald franchises. So all in all, from all this, and years of being in customer service based roles, I shouldn't have a problem understanding thickly accented english...right?

EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WRONG. GO to the back of the line!

70, read'em, seventy fucking minutes waiting for a person to answer the phone. Then 10 mins of near silence while the guy tried to look at shit. Then 10 mins of me not understanding a word he said and STILL not knowing if my domain name will start working correctly and actually point to my website anytime soon.

He said something about forwarding (which I wasn't trying to do), then tech department, and an hour.

Now, I have nothing against the Indian dude at the call center. He's trying to do his job and is probably just as frustrated trying to deal with people who are ready to tear his face off after 70mins waiting on hold. FFS why, WHY are all call centers being shipped off overseas where they are hiring people, who are no doubt good at their jobs, but can't speak a clear freaking word of ENGLISH?

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