Saturday, February 24, 2007

Been busy this week

The contractors have been in turning this:

Into this:

Obviously they aren't finished but come Monday/Tuesday it should all be ready for me to paint. I have a few things to hunt out this weekend to finish this room off, and the electrician to do the new lights, but finally, NO PINK! (And yes that is a bleach splotched towel - stupid summer thunderstorms that knock out the power just as you put the washing machine on!).

On the writing front, Persuading Jo fans are going to be getting a little somethin' somethin' in the not too distant future. Can't say anymore, but if your not already join up to the Loose Id Community Loop, or become an Idbit - there is some happenings a...well...going to be a happening. The community loop is a general chat group where you will find authors lurking about, whereas Idbits is a newsletter only group, direct from Loosey's mouth. The one thing this has done is light a fire under my arse to get McCabes 2 finished. I think I have figured out where/what I'm changing. Now just to get it on paper!

Okay, now I'm going to wrap hubby in something besides sweaty gym clothes and drag him down to the Apple Store - I'm getting tired of being strapped to this desk. I like writing in other places because I keep feeling guilty - like I need to sew when I'm sitting in my 'room'. Anyone want to make me some yo-yo's?

Hey, there's a competition in that - if you know what a yo-yo is in relation to sewing, leave a comment and a link to a photo of a yo-yo, and I will make a random drawing for a copy of Position Vacant for a lucky commentor on Sunday (2/25) night! Oh, and since the first person with the correct answer will clue everyone in, everyones links have to be different!

If you can leave a url to a photo of you actually making a yo-yo, I'll give you 5 bonus points.

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