Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's surprising what you find on the internet.

I'm working on Accidentally Were, and I've been researching weither black Jaguars really can have bright green eyes (at this stage I think the answer is no, though they do reflect emerald green at night when caught in a beam of light). I logged into blogger to post this cool video I found of a black Jaguar taking down an Anaconda, and I happened to flick through a couple of blogs in my sidebar to see what was new.

I was browsing Jeanne Laws site to see if she had any new content and I noticed the Ecatanominee stars, and thought to my self 'hrmm, wonder who else was nominated'. I really have no idea where all of the different awards all come from or how to get on the 'list' rofl. So I googled ecataromance, and hit the front page and there is a link to the nominees for the first erotic ebook year 2006. Being that PJ was my first ebook, and released in 2006, I was curious to see who else is in the 'class of 06', so I clicked the link. Low and behold look who's name's at the top of the list!

And the nominees for the Best First Erotic Romance Ebook of 2006, selected by the readers at are:

  • Persuading Jo - Anne douglas
  • Tantaliser by Rose Middleton
  • Minight Sun by Rene Lyons
  • Slow Burn by Madison Chase
  • Snowbound by Susan Greene
  • Cowboy Blues by Sage Burnett
  • Maiden Flight - Bianca D’Arc
  • Morningstar - Jade Falconer”
  • Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks by CJ England
  • All I Want for Christmas by Pennie Morgan
  • Shameful Desires by Skyler Grey

GO me!!

Turns out the winner has been announced as Slow Burn by Madison Chase, but I still get to put one of these little nifties everywhere:

How cool is that! Though I'm a little confused, I can't find a review done for PJ on any of their sites (ecata/sensual etc), but hey, I'm not complaining!

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Lucy Felthouse said...

Well done - a nomination is still fab!! If you have any stuff you'd like me to review on my website, I'd be happy to oblige!