Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thank you, Anna Campbell!

Anna Campbell was chatting over at The Good, the Bad, the Unread (at least I hope it was, that pesky blog list has increased juuust a liiiitle bit lately) a few weeks back and was passing out some goodies. Now I can't say that she's a fellow Kiwi (and there seems to be a lot of Kiwi's writing in romance and erotic romance (me, Emily Veinglory, Shelly Munroe, Nalini Singh to name some)), but Aussies and Nz'ers have a tendency to gang together when we head overseas - maybe it's our combined 'furthest from the motherland' colonial roots or something. But to cut this long story short she picked me as a winner and parceled up some yummy favorites that are, of course, unobtainable in the USA in the most part.

Mmmmm! Cherry Ripes and Turkish delights - Anna, thank you!

Anna is an Australian author who's writing for Avon. Her newest book (and first I think, I double checked , it is) is causing as storm as it's released - I can't tell you much about it yet, because I had a brain fart when I went to BaM and was trying to find Anna Evans books (I was remembering that her nom de plume was in my family tree but I forgot it anyway (Evans was my ex's-surname, Campbell is my grandmothers maiden name, and I remembered the first...well 'cause it's so close to my own)). I blame it on my own edits that I've been processing the last week or so, they make my brain mushy.

Am I rambling enough? I'm feeling as sick as a dog - strep I think. Blogs are supposed to be all about rambling, stream of consciousness thoughts, aren't they... they are today!

Anyway, when I have a chance to get back to the bookstore, I'm going to post more about it. I make no promises about my reviewing abilities, or that it will be good - but the gal sent me Down Under Chocolate people... maybe this can be a new sideline - Down Under authors, keep me stocked in supplies from 'home' and I'll give a witty, interesting, fan gurl squee reviews -which might or might not be good- of your newest releases. I read any genre of romance... keep me in mind..wink wink!

Okay, back to feeling sorry for myself now. I have too many things to do this week, I need to be better, damn it!


Anna Campbell said...

Anne, so glad the chocs hit the spot! You're most welcome! I sometimes wonder if there's a Commonwealth connection with the Aussie/NZ/Canadian thing. Do you get that familiarity (in a totally non-ick way) with Canadians? I do. Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and thanks for saying you'd check out my book. I'm very interested in your take on it! Hey, snap! Campbell was my grandmother's maiden name too (that's how I came up with the name, put both grandmothers together). Someone had published a book under my real name just a couple of months before I sold so I was stuck plundering the family tree for a name.

Anne Douglas said...

I haven't run into any Canadians yet to find out :), but I'm guessing the familiarity would be there.

My nom de plume came from my parents middle names - much to their horror rofl! I actually came close to using my ex married name of Evans - I think thats why I had it suck in my head in the bookstore.

Emily Veinglory said...

OMG Turkish Delight (whimper), and chocolate fish perhaps? And I am all out of vegemite and have been for monthsandmaydie.