Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tom Jones - a thursday 13...

I hadn't planned to do a TT today - I'm trying very hard to keep my very distractable attention on getting the next lot of handwritten edits for McCabes2 into the computer. But I plugged in the iPod so I could jiggle in my seat instead of getting out of it, and Tom Jones started crooning at me.

A blog I read that has nothing to do with writing, or reading, hell even sex, posed the question - Kiss. Tom Jones or Prince? Tom Jones was my answer, but I've always wondered if Prince was a mink in the sack...

Of course after hearing the song I tripped the light fantastic along to iTunes (seriously Apple aren't paying me an endorsement fee for this post, though maybe they should) and downloaded a heap of ol'Tom to groove to - Reloaded was such a cool album, though I guess many of the artists would be unknown to a lot of the American public?

So in honor of Tom, and his Welsh "knicker-hurling frenzy of raw sexual tension" here's 13 favourite songs.

  1. Burning down the House
  2. Kiss
  3. Baby, it's cold outside
  4. Mama told me not to come
  5. Sex Bomb - who can forge this one?
  6. She's a lady
  7. Delilah
  8. Green, green grass of home
  9. What's new Pussycat?
  10. It's not unusual
  11. I'll never fall in love again
  12. Do ya think I'm sexy?
  13. Babyface

I'm a bit a Cerys fan, this is a favourite of mine:


Bianca D'Arc said...

Tom Jones, huh? Well if it was between him and Prince, yeah, I'd take Tom too. At least he's taller than me. LOL! And LMAO about the "mink in the sack" comment. Too funny! :-)

Becka said...

Did you know we have an autographed pic from Tom Jones addressed to my hubby? :P He gave it to us because he was a friend of a friend at the place DH worked back in the day and Tom Jones had a TV he didn't want any more. (old, clunky thing from like '84). We were broke-ass ho's so we took the TV. We still have it, although it's on it's last legs. It's not hooked up anymore.

We never actually met Tom Jones, but because we took his TV, he gave DH an autographed picture. LOL Too cool.

I LOVE Sex Bomb! :D


Anonymous said...

Whoa, I dunno. I used to wear the Prince symbol around my neck. All right, that wasn't my best year.

Anne Douglas said... made me snort...It was probably the year I wore exclusively bright orange and royal purple? WTF was I thinking?

Anne Douglas said...

You know, I've really got to figure out how to ad an mp3...rock y'all out on some Burning down the house.. it's freaking addictive!

Michelle Pillow said...

I'm so wasting time today.

HAHAHA--Sex Bomb. Great now it's in my head.


Anonymous said...

Great list. We did a Johnny paranormal movie homage today. lol


Michelle Cary said...

I've never really listened to Tom Jones, but you have me curious, so I'll have to see what I can find of his on0line.

amy said...

neat list..I know some of those

Amanda Young said...

Prince. He just looks kinky. :) Tom Jones screams dirty old man to me. lol

Kuanyin said...

I find the comments left hilarious! Good post! And Happy TT!

Selena Kitt said...

I woulda said Prince... :)

But I love "What's New Pussycat"!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I think I got turned off of Tom Jones when I did stage crew for one of his shows. But working stage crew could probably turn me off of Metallica.

But I wouldn't pick Prince, either.

Guess my vote's for celibacy, scarily enough!