Sunday, May 27, 2007

Snark - it's not only for romance novels

My other job involves using my crafty little fingers not for tapping away on the keyboard, but snipping, pinning, and stitching.

I thought y'all might appreciate the universal phenomenon that is Snark: Threadbared

Heres a taste:

My Hands Are Already Tired and I Haven't Even Gotten to the Fat Pants Section


I'm totally digging this idea of using the magic of needlepoint to clearly define each item of clothing in one's closet. I mean, sure it could be time consuming to needlepoint a closet full of hangers, but take a look at that hanger at the top. What do you think hangs on that hanger? Is it Aunt Betty's bingo skirt? Is it the whore dress that makes Grandma sweat over her rosary every time Janet wears it to Whiskey River? Is it Mom's mom jeans? No, clearly it's Adam's Coat.

This clarity of closet inspired me to work on some hangers for my own stuff. Here's what I have so far:





I think the Bitchery and the Bared would get along quite well.

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Rhian / Crowwoman said...

YAY!!! T43 is out and available!!! wahoo!! have my copy already.
(doing the happy dance)
excuse me - i need to do a wee bit of reading with my coffee....