Friday, May 18, 2007

A T43 Excerpt

A little something to start your heart:

Tea for Three
(c) 2007, Anne Douglas

Wren was captivated with the scene playing out in front of her. She’d fantasized about how two men came together, and here it was, right in front of her -- two hot, sexy, men making love to one another.
Wren didn’t dare breathe for fear of shattering the moment -- she didn’t want them to stop. Seeing them together turned her on something fierce. Craig’s tongue lapped at the swollen head of Jack’s cock before taking him deep in his mouth, his cheeks hollowing when he drew back. Wren was certain she heard Craig humming, and judging by the way Jack clenched and groaned beside her, it was as effective as all her erotic novels suggested.
Jack’s hand came up to hold Craig’s head in place as he pumped his hips up. “Yeah ... suck me!”
Craig jerked his head out of Jack’s hold, and on all fours, he clambered across her legs and into position between Jack’s thighs. “I don’t think so, Jack. I have better things in mind for you.”
Wren jumped as Craig directed his next words at her -- she thought they had forgotten she was even in the room. “Wren, baby, grab the lube off the dresser for me.”
Reaching for the requested bottle, she turned back in time to see Craig pin Jack to the bed with his arms behind Jack’s knees. The graphic image the two big virile men made together took her breath away -- Craig loomed over Jack possessively, while Jack grinned up at his lover, waiting for the moment when he got what he had wanted all along.
Moving back beside the pair, she proffered the bottle.
“I’m not the one who needs it, Wren. Jack’s ass is the one that’s about to get fucked.” His growled words and harsh tone shocked her, but perversely excited her, as Craig dominated Jack. Staring at the point where Craig’s thick erection rubbed over Jack’s balls and equally erect cock, she gulped, and felt a gush of heat through her pussy.

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Robin Snodgrass said...

Dayum! That's' one powerful excerpt - especially to be a short one! This looks to be one hot hot book! I'm looking forward to reading this story!
Robin S.