Friday, June 22, 2007

Cunning marketing

When I stopped in at World Market to get latest stock of white chocolate (my latest addiction), I cruised past a big display of wine at the front of the store. I wandered past then did a double take, then laughed out loud which of course turned a store full of eyes on me.

This is what I'd seen:

Thats right, Mad Housewife wine. Complete with apron, ciggy, earrings, pearls, polished nails and pink shirt.


I'm not a fan of CA wines in general, but I just might have to pick one up to drink in solidarity of all the other Mad Housewives out there, especially when they come in purse packs:

This reminds me of these little gems I spied when I was back in NZ last:

The green label you can only get a peek of is a very, very nice wine called "Cat's Pee on a Blackberry Bush".

Yes, you read me right. Fat Cat, Tom Cat, Glamour Puss, and Cat's Pee on A Blackberry Bush are all wines that a portion of the sale price goes to the RSPCA (Humane Society to the USA folks).

Let me tell you though, there was a moment before the wine hit my taste buds where I wondered if I'd really done the right thing by swigging back a mouthful. But, my fears were unfounded, its a very nice Sauvignon Blanc.

They even carried the marketing through to the blurbs:

Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc

This wine has been crafted using fruit from a number of vineyards scattered throughout New Zealand. Vintage 2005 was excellent for Sauvignon Blanc in all of the regions that we source our fruit from. The individual parcels were fermented separately and then assembled together prior to bottling

Alcohol:13.00% Acidity:7.10g/L Residual Sugar:/L pH:3.42

Breeder's Comments
A youthful, kittenish wine, full of zing and zip. Extremely playful and lively, with an aroma that is inclined to leap out of the glass at you with the slightest provocation. The body is long and racy, equally happy relaxing on its own in the sun on a warm afternoon or engaging in boisterous interplay with fresh garden vegetables or seafood.
Biggest selling wine in UK's 'Victoria Wines' wine store chain 1996 to 1998.
Excellent marketing for both companies in my book!

Update: You never quite know just who is out there in the big world wide web, The Mad Housewife Blog found me!

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Emily Veinglory said...

You made me realise that I had a whole order of groceries delivered to the house and forgot to get any wine. sob.