Friday, August 24, 2007

Well ... crap!

I sent FWB off to Ellora's Cave way back in mid July and the month went past so I decided to ask for a confirmation of receipt. Nothing. So I sent another email, this one got through (a reply within 24hrs). Nothing. Nada, they'd received not a thing. *sob* A month wasted.

So I've tried resending via two different accounts. Sigh - nothing. Looks like bar that one, none of my emails are ever received. I mean, I don't mind them rejecting the work 'cause they don't like it, but being barred from the opportunity because their isp (server, whatever) seems to bounce mine ... that sucks ass, big hairy donkey ass.

So if anyone from EC happens to see this and feels like cutting an author a break and letting her know of an alternate email address to send a submission to, please, pretty please do!

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