Monday, November 05, 2007

Poetry Train - Blog Serial pt 3

Running very late, but it's still Monday, right?

Bly watched the younger man trip over his feet again as he went to find the red stilettos in a size eight. There was something a little untouched about their Shoe Man, his bumbling embarrassment was quite endearing.
They knew well enough his name was Lewis, but they had this habit of naming people they didn’t know by some attribute they’d seen; like the ‘drinking man’ a couple of houses down - personable guy for sure, but they’d yet to drive past and find without a bottle of beer in his hand. So, like The Drinking Man, Lewis had been honored with the nom de plume of The Shoe Man. He’d also been blessed with an ass you could bounce a quarter off, and the smoothest, never-hide-a-blush skin to match his ginger hair.
It wasn’t really fair to the guy to involve him in his and Decca’s little games, but there was something about this young man that drew them both. Hell, it wasn’t like he was that much younger -- Bly was thirty to Decca’s twenty-eight -- Lewis looked about twenty-one or -two.
What remained to be seen was if he was the adventurous type.
He was in favor of just outright asking Lewis if he was up for some three-way fun, but Decca was insistent that being that bold would only scare him off. After seeing his reaction earlier by the ladder Bly was now in agreement, but he was also sure he was interested -- the bulge in Lewis’ khaki’s that Bly’d caught a glimpse of as Lewis’d walked away told him so -- it just remained to figure out how interested and whether he was willing to act on it.
There was a hot flush over Lewis’ cheeks as he came back to them his hands full of boxes -- he’d obviously found something else to show them. He knelt down in front of Decca and delicately removed her shoe. Carefully holding her ankle with one hand he tugged on the heel of the shoe with the other, slowly sliding it down and off her toes.
Decca wiggled her toes and sighed. “Mmm, it feels good to have my shoes off for a little while. I’ve been on my feet all day - I'd kill for a foot massage right about now.”
Lewis looked up at Decca, transfixed as she spoke; obviously not realizing he’d done just as she’d asked and started rubbing along the side of her arch with one thumb and around her ankle and tendon with the fingers of the other hand. Lewis’ hand wrapped around her ankle and stroked a small way up Decca’s calf, and she moaned again, her eyes closing as her foot went limp.
He and Decca weren’t your everyday average type of couple when it came to sex. They were totally committed to one another, but until they decided to settle down to raising a family they enjoyed experimenting a little, sexually speaking. They were also equal opportunity lovers. Bly was not at all adverse to a little man on man action.
Watching Lewis’ tender ministrations, and obvious adoration of Decca, had him in the same state Lewis had been in earlier -- hard and wanting. Bly moved up beside the pair and stood at Lewis’ shoulder, his arms crossed over his chest and looked down at the pair, trying to keep his lust off his face at least as he watched. His cock flexed behind the denim of his jeans, and Bly felt the uncomfortable bite of the zipper against his flesh as his cock thickened and made the fabric pull tight.
When his thigh brushed up against Lewis’ shoulder the man jerked out of his reverie and looked up, only for his gaze to catch on the bulge in Bly’s jeans right at head height. Lewis gulped before he dropped his gaze back down to where he still held Decca’s foot.
Bly took pity on him and reached into one of the shoeboxes and passed over a shoe. “Why don’t we see how this looks?”
Lewis’ eyes were big, and his nose flared as he tried to hide his erratic breathing and fear from Bly. He hesitantly took the shoe, no doubt waiting to be thrashed for touching the other mans wife the way he had.
“Go on, I’ll get the other one.” Bly picked up the other shoe and walked around behind Lewis, making sure to brush along Lewis’ back with his leg before settling on his knees, his thigh pressed hard against Lewis’ as he removed Decca’s other shoe and slipped on the stiletto.
Decca stretched her leg out and pointed her toes, moving her foot side to side before resting her toes gently on Lewis’ shoulder. “These are just gorgeous!”
Bly ran a finger down the back of Decca’s calf, and stroked along the sensitive crease behind her knee. “I have to agree; what do you think, Lewis?”
Lewis looked a little shocked at the use of his first name, and his tongue darted out to brush over his lips leaving them shiny -- Bly ached to lean over and run his tongue over the same spot, but in the middle of a shoe store was not the right place. Lewis gulped, then nodded, obviously to overcome to speak. He coughed and managed to scrape out a rusty “Beautiful” before he clammed back up again.

I have to say I'm finding writing for the short, serial format tough. As you can see I've not managed to move the story on past the shoe store yet - but I do have my plans for next week, that will move them out of the store, announce their connection, and ... something, rofl!

So, once I get them out of the store how shall I proceed?

1. The party/bbq suggestion still?
2. Make a little bit of a time jump and have Lewis turn up on one of the tours Decca leads through the park and from there they meet up with Bly and The Big Bad Thing happens?
3. They need to have hot, first-time-together monkey sex before all of that
4. Let the big bad happen, then the hot, first-time-together monkey sex once they know each other a little better.
5. Anyone got something weird and bizarre for me to work into next week - an item or something. Like a rubber ducky, or a pasted up ad for something happening around town that tickles someone's fancy.
and 6. This thing really needs a name. Throw me a bone here people and give me some suggestions!


Red Garnier said...

OOOH! This is a great scene, Anne. And all these options have great potential. I think I like #2 and #4 but Anne, seriously, you can make any of these work! Follow your gut.

As for titles, how about: The Big Bad Thing? LOL! (Sounds like a . . . you know. Ha!)

julia said...

Really loved where this went from last week! #4 gets my vote.

Celia Kyle said...

I only have a recommendation for the title...

Shoe Store Sex or SSS for short. ;)

gautami tripathy said...

I like the piece. And for suggestions..I can't make any for now. You can develop it any way you deem fit.

Shiloh Walker said...

The few times I've made an attempt to do any sort of serial, my mind wouldn't work in that direction. I've pretty much given up on it.


So how is Round 2 with Sven going for you?

Ann said...

Mix #1 and #2 and have them throw a BBQ for the park staff before it opens for the season? They could have the hot, first-time-together monkey sex after the party when he offers to help clean up? And then the big Bad could happen. As for #6, how about Big Bad?

Anonymous said...

They are shopping at night so have it at closing time offer to help clean up and have her on the ladder so the 1st monkey sex in the back room?

Anne Douglas said...

Thanks everyone for your input!

Shiloh - no Sven for me this time around. Had lots to do that I knew would have me beating myself up about not getting enough done. I think I'll hook up again next time :)