Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Bad Things - Monday Poetry Blog Serial pt 5

Forgive me everyone for being lax, but work does take precedence over play, but I do have a new installment for you of the blog serial!

Fucking Hell on earth, that’s where he was. Lewis licked his lips for the thousand and fifth time and wished his step-father dead. Well, maybe not dead, just a bad case of heartburn or the runs or something. Other than his insistence that he get more involved with all this nature, he kind of liked the guy. He treated his mother like a queen, and that had been a long time coming.
Travis had loaned him a pack, then spent a couple of hours going over what he’d need, and explaining how it all worked -- Lewis figured that Travis was just getting a late start on giving out fatherly advice. It was kinda…nice, actually. Although, if the man tried to sit him down and have a discussion about the birds and the bees Travis wouldn’t see him for the dust.
Now, if only he’d thought to ask Travis for more info than the ‘one of the best trail guides in the business’ he might not be stuck smack bang between a rock and a damn hard place. Hiking with a hard on was not turning out to be his favorite pastime.
“Finding your rhythm, Lewis?” Bly’s deep, silky tones came from his right. He’d not even heard the man come up beside him.
“Uh, sort of.” Well that was a stunning reply, Lewis.
“If you’re not doing it every day, it takes a while to loosen up, but the ride’s worth it in the end.”
Why did he get the feeling Bly wasn’t talking about hiking? “Travis and I did a few trails last year. The first one damn near killed me, but I enjoyed it anyway.” He looked at Bly and tried out a small smile, hoping that this time he managed the flirty, tongue-in-cheek look he practiced in the mirror without fumbling like he usually did when he tried it on someone who wasn’t his reflection.
Bly looked at his lips and his eyes went hard. Nope, failed again. He was so fucking inept -- no wonder he never got laid. Who’d be interested? His smile faltered, and Lewis dropped eye contact and looked ahead -- the others were ahead of them, and out of sight around a corner.
A heavy hand on his backpack pulled him up short, and Lewis was spun back around to face an angry, frustrated looking Bly. “You’re a fucking tease, you know that Lewis?”
Lewis didn’t know what to think, let alone what to say, but opened his mouth to speak anyway, even if it was only to stumble out a denial. Only he didn’t get that far.
Bly wrapped his fist around Lewis’s shirt and tugged, pulling him in until their lips met. Warm, soft lips skated over his, and Bly’s tongue darted in to his mouth, teasing him before Bly really settled in. Lewis had never felt anything like it. It was rough and sensual all at the same time; heated yet so cool, as Bly methodically took -- there was no give in the kiss at all. Fire thundered through Lewis veins and his body did all the things it was expected to do -- his nipples went into hard little points, and his cock, already at half-mast was painfully erect in an instant. Then he melted, fucking melted into Park Ranger extraordinaire, Bly Tanner, with a pitiful needy little whimper.

Got any suggestions for what's going to happen right after? I'm working everyone's suggestions from last week into the next episode. I;m going to try get another episode up Thursday to make up for last week.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Nope, I am idea-free. Could be because I've got a headache.

I'll try to think for you, though. This is a fun segment, Anne!!

Celia Kyle said...

Man secks! What? Okay, that was wishful thinking since they can't have man secks in the middle of the woods while on a hike...

They can kiss a bit more before Bly tugs them along with a comment about Deca waiting for them. Maybe hold hands or something equally mushy?

Shadowfox13 said...

Ok, I know I must have commented but it doesn't seem to have taken. First, Happy Holidays (Christmas, Sostice, Yule, Kwanza, etc - whatever the flavor) hope it's a very happy, merry time with family and friends :D

Ok that out of the way....Heh, how about Bly and Decca take turns teasing Lewis through out the hike making sure he's very aware of the promise of their interest and what's to come? Lots of possibilities that way? :D

Ok, said my piece, now I've got to try and figure out my blasted ITuner thingy. *lol*