Thursday, January 10, 2008

A taste of next weeks new release - Red Skirt, Cool Fountain

Sanjay Chandra and Ian Morris are flipsides of the same coin — Sanjay, the dark and brooding voyeur, while Ian is the light-hearted, fun seducer. But neither one is quite what they appear. One is cold and aloof, a product of his hands off, must strive for excellence childhood, while the other is cynical and jaded by his families fast, wastrel ways. As the saying goes: money can’t buy you love.

A bright spark of red, viewed from the window of their fifth floor office, draws their attention to a woman who lets loose of the humid lethargy the stifling summer has pressed on them. She sparkles like the cool water in the fountain she wistfully dangles her fingers into.

She is everything they are not — carefree, living life to the fullest, full of laughter and light.

They both want her, so they decide to have her. But Ian and Sanjay risk more than their conventionality by courting Sam. They hazard their very sense of self when they must confront what each man means to the other.

Just a little sneaky peak into some first time, guy on guy touching:

Ian resisted the call of the sun that tempted him to wake. It wasn’t the weak, gray light that’d preceded yesterday’s storm. The warm yellow light that peeped around the curtains said the storm had passed through while they’d been sleeping.

He lay with his eyes closed, feeling more asleep than awake until a warm hand slid over his thigh. The slow, methodical curve of movement as the hand moved over his stomach left tingles of anticipation in its wake. As if shy, the hand slid under the elastic of his sleep pants and touched briefly on the hair surrounding his cock, just enough to tease before it darted away, moving to slowly caress his belly again.

Ian trapped the hand beneath his palm and moved it to his cock and pressed the errant fingers around his erection. He encouraged the hand to a slow rhythm that suited his lazy morning mood, then moved his grip away, only to be disappointed when it stopped.

The hiss of surprise from behind him brought the sharp recognition that this hand covered a whole lot more flesh than Sam’s did and woke him properly. Jay.

Ian tensed, his shock matching the no longer fluid body that pressed along his back. Moments that felt as if they were long, long hours passed before he felt the breath in Jay’s chest let go and his arm loosen up against his side. The fist around his cock tightened, not painfully, but as if to ascertain what it held, before loosening again.

He’d woken aroused, but now, these uncertain fumblings and the way his heart raced had his blood rushing to his dick so fast that in the space of one stroke he was hard and aching. Jay wasn’t alone in his uncertainty, but Ian was sure about one thing -- this moment didn’t feel bad or wrong -- in fact, it felt extraordinarily good. And that just wasn’t his morning hard-on talking.

Ian was the bigger man of the two, yet the heat of Jay’s body seemed to surround him, cocooning him. Jay’s wrist caught on the waist of Ian’s pants and pulled the fabric taut, catching Ian across the sensitive head of his penis.

His surprised grunt was more reflex than anything. It hadn’t hurt all that much, but Jay released Ian’s cock as if scalded and pulled back. Ian felt the bed rock as Jay rolled away.

“Shit. Ian…I didn’t mean to --” The regret and embarrassment in Jay’s voice was obvious. “Shit.”

“It didn’t hurt, Jay, I just wasn’t expecting it.” He tilted back so he could reach back and touch Jay’s hip. “Please…don’t stop. I liked it.”

“You did?” Jay seemed genuinely astounded, but rolled back onto his side so he was once more alongside Ian.

With a wiggle and a little tugging with his feet, Ian pushed his pants down and off, leaving them scrunched at the bottom of the bed. He reached back and found Jay’s hand, brushing against the front of Jay’s pants as he did, and felt the jerk of Jay’s cock behind the tented fabric. Jay was just as aroused as he, and that made Ian’s dick throb even more.

When he pulled on Jay’s arm, he rocked against Ian. Jay’s cock was obvious against Ian’s back, and it seemed natural as it snugged into the crease between Ian’s ass cheeks. He pressed back tentatively, trying the sensation on for size while Jay’s hips twitched, the tiny thrust driving the pair of them closer together. Ian decided the feeling, while foreign, was not at all displeasing.

He led Jay’s hand back to his cock, but just as he began to anticipate the pressure of Jay’s fist, Jay pulled away.


Ian looked over his shoulder in time to see Jay flop onto his back again, and then carefully pull the waistband of his pants over the head of his cock. With a lift of his hips, he pushed the pants down and off before rolling back to Ian. Jay’s cock wasn’t just a fabric-covered outline; it was now hot, bare flesh that pressed against his ass as they slid against each other.

You'll be able to get Red Skirt, Cool Fountain on Tuesday the 15th at Loose Id

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