Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What do you think?

Of the ad I made myself for ecatasensual? I decided I'd put it up here as a banner for a while.

Tea for Three and Accidentally Were? are also nominated in a few categories at ecatasensual - if you haven't already voted, hear my shameless begging for votes :)

I've not been on the blog much of late, and it's intentional - I've found myself spending more time surfing and blogging than I have been doing my work, and something has to give. So, although I love interacting with you all on a more regular basis, I'm dropping my posts back to weekly, or maybe even a little further apart than that.

On the flip side, I'm pushing myself to stick to a more productive writing schedule, and that should mean more new stories for you to read. I've started with the sequel to Accidentally Were? titled at this point Witch Vamp Were?

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