Sunday, April 13, 2008

A book I wish I'd written

Bunco got cancelled this month, but I needed to get out of the house on Friday anyway, so I decided to go see Miss Pettigrew lives for a day.

There have been many movies adapted from books recently, and some of them have been very good, but for some reason I walked out out of the movie wondering if the screenplay was true to the book, and if so wishing I'd written that book. It's smart, witty, poignant, campy, humorous ... all sorts of things. I definitely recommend it - even to the guys (admittedly most of the men were there with their wives, and they were 50-70, but they were laughing up a storm).

Hard to believe the story was first released in 1938 - seventy years ago! It was re-released in 2000, when the Winifred Watson was 94.

Here's the trailer, it catches quite a bit of the wit and humor:

And I know many in the theatre didn't necessarily pick it up, but if you do go see the movie, keep this painting in mind:

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