Monday, June 23, 2008

I've been Gigglefied...gaggled...giggled?

Which ever way you want to put it Mrs Giggles has reviewed Red Skirt, Cool Fountain, and Accidentally Were?

I've been out of the country the last few weeks, and horror of all horrors, I didn't take the laptop! So I've had to wait to do an update.

All in all, with a 79 and an 81, I think I did fairly well on Mrz G's scale of hot or not. I was totally stoked that she got the whole poke in the side of the paranormal genre that I was aiming for with Accidentally Were? She had this to say:

...Accidentally Were? is a comedy that also pokes some fun at its whole over-the-top mate-mate-mate premise. Poor Rex is a man who has been trying to avoid falling into the mate-mate-mate trap for so long, only to find himself mated with Pearl when he has only - okay, some - good intentions when it comes to helping her get used to her new life. Pearl is a heroine who for the most part has no idea what is going on, but she doesn't let these Were folks push her around too much. She and Rex make a pretty fun pair... Full review Here.

And this about Red Skirt :
...Red Skirt, Cool Fountain has some very scorching hot love scenes here, but at the same time, I find the developing relationship between the three characters a most fascinating one. Ms Douglas doesn't just focus on the characters in the bedroom, she also has them exploring their relationship outside the bedroom... Full Review Here

And since Mrs G isn't blogging any longer, I'm going to put a picture up here that I caught on my cellphone (hence the crappy picture) while on the way to breakfast recently. No, I'm not trying to be a suck up, but you'll have to admit, it'll give you a grin if not a giggle all of your own..

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