Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a weekend!

So this was Friday night:

That's the neighbour on the southern side.

And Saturday afternoon:

This is the neighbour on the northern side.

It's still absolutely peeing down with rain, thunder and lightning, so we haven't been out to see if it's damaged the roof. We hope since it's a very 'branchy' tree, that the load was spread out over a large area and there is no damage.

And something is bleating. Like a lamb bleating. But I don't know if it's a frog, a squashed squirrel, a baby bird in a nest or what. We can't get outside yet to see :(

EDIT: Why was I squirrelled around a corner taking a photo and not garden hose in hand? I was told there was one gas bottle on fire, and others all around it and they didn't know if it was going to blow... so at that point I wasn't up for shrapnel wounds. Once the danger from the flame throwing gas bottle was gone, I started hosing down from our side.

Sunday Update: We were out late last night, and were sleeping in when we heard the (mini) roar of a chainsaw. Seems the owner of the rental house next door also owns a lawn/garden business. The renters had called him yesterday, and he was out first thing this morning cutting it up and getting the tree hauled away. YAY!


Anonymous said...
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Jeanne said...

Hope things are settling down, Anne.
What a weekend, indeed!

Emily Veinglory said...

Lordy, you are living in interesting times!

Lena Austin said...

Wow, and to think our home was perfectly fine. I'm sorry, Anne!

Anne Douglas said...

Lena - It wasn't until we got close today that we could confirm it was a lightning strike. We figured it must be, considering that big storm that went through seemed to have no wind attached to it at all.

It was very bizarre.

And as of Sunday 9.37pm, no more happenings. Yay!

Anonymous said...

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