Sunday, October 05, 2008

The first review for Curious Intimacies

I tell ya, it's nail biting time until that first review comes in. A pretty manicure I do not have! But it's here, and it's great!

From Sensual eCataRomance:

About the Book:
Page Count: 44
Price: $2.99
Reviewer: Keely
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jason is in love with Lucy and is definitely straight; at least he is pretty sure he is straight. OK, so, maybe he is into more than just girls. Maybe his gay best friend can help him figure it out.. or not. Jason is only sure of one thing: being confused sucks.

Shane is gay; openly gay, and best friends with straight Jason. So being asked for a kiss by Jason has Shane feeling a little like he walked into an episode of The Twilight Zone and a lot shocked. So what is this all about and is Shane going to have to kick Jason’s ass for playing around on Lucy?

Lucy is deeply in love with Jason, curious about Shane and determined to fulfill all their needs and curiosities. She does mean all. Now she just has to convince the guys.

Curious Intimacies by Anne Douglas is a hot little number chock full of comedic moments sure to leave you laughing and gasping. “Short, decadent and to the point” best describe this one. Jason and Shane are delicious, boy next door types that feel like I have known them for ever. Lucy is one of those heroines that feels like she could be my best friend. Ms. Douglas does a superb job of creating multi-dimensional characters with a minimal amount of words spent on description and background. Curious Intimacies jumps right into the meat of the story with no apologies and stellar results.

I must warn all the readers out there, do not read this one while drinking as you may just spew the contents of your mouth all over your computer or electronic reading device. In other words, I laughed so much that my sides hurt. Then again, you may want to have a tall pitcher of something icy cold setting at your elbow to maintain your core body temperature as you read the love scenes. Smoking hot does not even begin to describe them.

Warning: If man on man carnal intimacies leaves you gagging and wishing to wipe your mind clean, please do us all the favor of leaving Curious Intimacies where you found it.
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