Thursday, December 11, 2008

Witch Vamp Were? - the first review

This little link popped up in my Google Alerts (love Google alerts!)

"Anne Douglas has done it again. Her story is super hot and spicy with the perfect blend of mystery and humor to keep the reader entertained and reading until the very last page. The eroticism is beautifully captured and the relationship between the three main characters is not only immensely funny but also emotionally charged. The characters are enchanting and the story a must read, five star treat."

"Witch Vamp Were? is an absolutely magical read. It was super funny with equally hot sex and friction. This is the kind of book where you need a cold glass of water and a towel because while the sex will make you hot, the humor will have you spitting that water all over the place. This is definitely a must read novel by an extremely accomplished author. I can not wait for more of these fabulous shifter/vampire stories. This book is definitely a present any time of the year."

5 Stars!

Reviewer: Kimberly Spinney

Can't ask for better than that for the first review :) (continue reading &aquo;)

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