Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Man it's hot out!

(My Original Blog Post:
Hot FlashesIt seems Summer has finally decided to arrive in all it's hot and humid glory. With it came the fleas. ACK!

I sent out my WIP to my usual suspect critique partners plus a couple of new suspects-specifically chosen because of their interest in BDSM and Femdom in particular. I received some awesome advice on the BDSM aspect of the story from one of the new suspects so I'm busily revising. Our little group of cp's is quite varied, so I always get some good suggestions from them, but I think it was a good thing for me to try someone a little more 'specialised' this time as an extra pair of eyes. It will make Subtle Domination a much stronger work, I think.

Touch wood, I might just have the writing mojo back :)

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