Thursday, December 31, 2009


(My Original Blog Post:
2010-graphicYes, 2010 is right here on the doorstep, knocking insistently to be let in.

Would it be rude to tell it to bugger off because I've gotten exactly one, yes 1 thing of the ten on my list done this year? Hmm,  maybe I should be welcoming it with open arms because, yes, I think 2009 can go on the 'oh, that year? it was forgettable' list.

So. Tweeps have been doing this 'Word for 2010' thing. This year my word is PullyourheadouttayourarseandDOIT!

That's not one word? I beg to differ. Productivity.

And she says with great zeal: I WILL be productive this year!

Feel free to publicly flay me if by March there isn't a new SOLD post on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

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