Friday, June 09, 2006

...I can write

Have you ever wandered into the library & realised that you have worked your way through A-M (& probably half of N-Z) in your favourite genre, then thought to your self - Damn, I need to find something better to do with my time? Ever found your hard drive choc'a'block full of PDF's of erotica with no space left for a new program install?

Much to my dismay I have, & I did.

My Girlfriends (& the girls of, of course, thought that it was time for a new direction & instead of reading it, they decided that I should put all this weird & wonderful (& very erotic) knowledge & my storytelling abilities to good use.

So I wrote...& had a whole heap of cold showers.

High School English class was long in my past & I think I spent more time debating with the teachers about why my interpretation of a book or poem was different that what their books said - & just how can that be wrong? Sentance structure & grammer...Oh Crap! Can I get a computer program to deal with that?

Storylines, plots & scenes popped into my head at the weirdest times. Vanilla sex? Gay sex? Menage sex? Whips & Chains & sex? Good Lord what to do - Where to start? And just where could I get some of it? I'm saving on my electric bill with all these cold showers for sure!

Many hours tapping away at the computer while hubby games his heart away at the desk behind me later, VOILA! I was done.

What the hell to do now? Was it good enough to send off to one of the publishing houses that so graciously supplied all those PDF's clogging the old hard drive? (Hubby had been kind enough to install a new much larger drive for me - along with jokes about inserting, hardness & size that males seem to enjoy - all this from the man I suggested install a slot for a dick drive to go along with the ones for his floppy disk, cd, dvd, dvd-r...well you get the picture, as he spent more time with HER each night than with me).

Cover letters, synopsis, partials - Thank god (or should that be Al Gore?) for the internet! You can find everything out there! Then the email was sent.

Waiting, waiting waiting...

Actually, the wait was less than I thought it might be, but that was my baby out there...would it just end up in the figurative trash can on someones figurative desktop?

Then came one email - & my husbands first day of deafness. Off went the email with the full manuscript. Then came the second email - & my hubbys second day of deafness, along with some bruised toes from me squealing & doing the happy dance around the room. Adrenaline - it's a good thing!

Then came the first set of edits.

Ouch - that hurts! All those red lines & crossed out words. But they made sense - damn it! Why hadn't I thought of that the first time - oh, & look I'm supposed to stick a comma there - was that there back in english class all those years ago? Or is that one of those new fangled Americanism's like not having u's in colour? It's not?...alrighty then! (mentally filing that away in the space in my brain marked 'things I learn't in highschool and promptly forgot').

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