Sunday, June 11, 2006

...I have way to many ideas floating around...

Other than a small disagreement on chaise longue versus chaise lounge-check it out it is longue-the whole scary first time ever being edited process was pretty painless. A little more character separation & a little more confontation with the 'bad' guy, & as we say in NZ 'Bob's your uncle'-or in this case my editor :).

Of course I'm still having a few issues with English versus American-carparks & parking lots-you would think it was pretty self explainatory right? Ah, no...not according to my sources at least. My girlfriends are getting used to strange abrupt phone calls asking if they understand what X word means. Go figure-'doing a runner' is something unique to NZ & Aussie.

But now, of course, I have all these voices floating round in my head with all these different stories attached telling me 'Hey, you did it once, give it another try!'.

Who knew that when I started Persuading Jo (soon to be released at Loose Id) that all of Brian McCabes family had a story to tell. Of course they could be bad stories no one wants to read, but time (& lots of submissions) will tell.

David & Kate's story is so far different from Brian, Matt & Jo's tale it isn't funny. And how did David's best man end up half naked & pressed up against Anna McCabe in the church vestry at David & Kate's wedding? Twins Sean & Michael have been causing mischief since they could walk, but when they both fall hard for what seems to be the same girl will the brothers ever be the same again? Its just good that Sam & Elisa aren't...oops guess I should't tell you that huh?

Oh, & there is the story titled 'Fairly Average' already plotted out waiting for all the good bits to come rushing from my brain to my stumbling finger tips (See, Mrs Clauson, you were right all those years ago to rap my knuckles in typing class, being a little more sure fingered right about now would be handy-but the bib was still a bit OTT!). It's such a total mishmash-or is that mixmatch?-of everyday life that it should be totally hilarious...& totally hot, in that fairly average just like your hubby on the other side of the bed kind of way. Is there a written Erotic Romance writer rule somewhere that says the Hero has to be 6'5", with a six pack & a 8" dick? I hope not...

Then there is the story that revolves around a movie theatre...& one about an internet romance...& what about a mothers group-good lord the stories us girls tell during a Mothers Night Out would fill out 40kwords in no time flat! And what about the other people involved in Liberty House the womans refuge from David & Kate McCabes story?

Too many ideas & just not enough time.

P.S If your an editor & your thinking 'Hey, they sound like some good ideas', don't be shy...Mrs Clauson won't rap your knuckles for not typing fast enough.

P.P.S If Mrs Clauson is still around & for some odd reason reading this blog...I know I don't type fast enough, & yes I know that I shouldn't use &'s (I like them 'cause they look pretty), & yes I know my mother was a
much better typist than me. But I have ended your reign of terror, there shalt not be another generation of knuckles for you to bruise! Long live the boy child!

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