Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back in USA...oh oh oh..Back....hey ,there is a song in there!

Man oh Man oh Man. What a trip, and not the good kind. The less said about turbulence, a dinner that didn't agree with me and an aeroplane toilet the better. And lets not go anywhere near the fact that I left my digital SLR on the freaking plane! Who knows if I will see that again!

Anyway, now that I have that little gripe over with, and it has given me a chance to step a little further out of the jet lagged haze, I wanted to update the contest entrants that tomorrow there will be a winner announced. Pretty please just let me unpack my bags first :)

But I have a little questionaire - what do you as a reader want to see more of? Hetero? Menage with bi guys? or bi girls? Gay? Lesbian? Please leave a comment and tell me what you are craving.


Celia Kyle said...

Personally, I enjoy it all when it's written well. (And after Jo I can't imagine anything you write not being wonderful.) I do seem to have a partiality to m/m/f menage scenarios. With that said, the guys have to be into it and not freaked out when body parts touch. I'm not big on the f/f/m b/c then it's all for the guy and what fun is there in that?

Anonymous said...

You are a great writer...so i am sure i would buy anything you put out. I would like to see some first experiences written about, between women or men...just because it is interesting to see what opens the door for folks on an emotional level.