Monday, July 10, 2006

...RJ Chat isn't as scarey as I thought...

What a good experience! Romance are wonderful. And thanks to all the authors and readers who made it such a good experience.

I had to make a mad drive for 30mins to a decent internet connection, but it was worth it to chat with everyone. Of course I found out when I got to download 24hrs worth of emails that I had editors etc screaming down my neck. EEK! Sorry ya'll, but it couldn't be helped.

I can't wait till tomorrow. I finally get to see the final product all on the page ready to be read.

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Chrissy Dionne said...

as a reviewer at RJ I can sincerely agree. We are wonderful! LOL Seriously I started reviewing for them a little over a year ago and have been having the time of my life. Speaking of which I better get busy and get the review for PERSUADING JO done... awesome book Anne! I love it and no way is it smut! It's my secret fantasy put into words :)