Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Skipping on cloud nine...

I was working late last night -- you know; headphones on, ipod blaring, keys clacking etc etc -- and just before carting myself off to sleepy bye land I log in to check emails and here is this email...



Did you hear a strange echoing wail last night? Don't worry it was just me... screaming!! Wahoo!!!

Last night we had a family dinner with grandparents, uncles, cousins etc. Now here is where I get a little gob smacked. My Nana asks, ' So where is this book of yours, your mother tells me you got it printed off ', okie doky then... then somehow I have to try tell my Nana and Poppa that... well there are two guys that have sex in the book. I am definately not embarrased by being an Erotic Romance author -- but these are my GRANDPARENTS people!
Low and behold if both of them Nana and Poppa both are quite blase about it. Talk about shocked! I was fairly much expecting Nana to be okay with it, but Poppa... there was a turn about for the books!

I hope when I get to be a great grandma that I manage to put one over my grandkids the same way, and get leave them gasping !

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