Thursday, August 03, 2006

It had to happen...

The first manuscript refusal.

It had to happen didn't it, after all how many people are lucky enough to have their first submission accepted straight off the bat!

Not to worry - a few revisions and off it goes to see if it is someone elses cup of tea. I will not be deterred (imagine my fist waving with determination in the air).

I so can't wait for Monday - SCHOOLS BACK!!! Yeaha! Oops, I said that out loud didn't I? Finally space to create without spongebob or 'the tank game' blaring in the background!


Celia Kyle said...

Awe that stinks Anne! Who was it? We'll for a mob with pitchforks and torches and remind them that you're a wonderful writer and they should accept your book for publication, darnit! Is it something you've shared tidbits of, b/c everything you've shard is awesome. They're just ignorant fools!!!!

Anne Douglas said...

Not to worry! PJ was my first ever try at writing a story, and I was lucky enough to have it accepted on the first try. There were good comments made though, but its fair enough, every publisher had such a different 'style'.
There are so many other stories in my brain that there is sure to be another they will like! :)
Thanks for the ego boost!!