Saturday, August 05, 2006


Have you ever noticed that hot stories for Mum's and married women are hard to find?
Not for us to read that is, but ones that use 'us' as the leading lady. Why are there not more stories about wives and husbands who find themselves again, or totally hot together single mothers who arent in some sort of crisis/totally broke finding a totally hot sexy romance with a geek or a hot businessman (cowboys are the exception here - there seem to be a few cowboy falls in love with the child stories around, but what about the computer wizz, or the wallstreet banker?).

Take the online mothers group I belong too - what a hotbed of... well hotness! So many juicy stories to tell - not that I am going to tell them, but with some creative license they will make a great starting point! If only all our husbands knew jus what we talk about while we are out on a MNO (mothers night out for the uninitiated).

I guess that might be tonights plotline to work on - but what to call it - Hot Mom's? M.N.O? Gossip Central? LOL!

Despite the trend for Yahoo Groups (or as many fondly call them Yahell groups), I have decided to start up a mailing list. At this point it will be to keep you updated of release dates, maybe a short story or two, contests - nothing regular at this point. If it would interest you, sign up! I wont be bugging you every week, more than likely every couple of months and when I manage to sell a few more manuscripts (cross fingers for me there people!).

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