Friday, August 11, 2006

Meet Wren...

Adult content excerpt :

Oh face it girl, your feeling restless and horny and keep seeing that guy Craig when you close your eyes. Wren closed her eyes and sighed. Yup, there he was again. That tall blonde guy was a lucky bastard. She hadn’t seen anything more than the back of his sun-bleached hair and wide shoulders, but she didn’t think that the kind of guy she got the impression Craig would be would be hanging out with some ugly man with a bad attitude.


Wren had used some scented oil in the bathwater that made slipping her hands over body a smooth sensual experience. Even the scars along the right side of her body felt softer than their usual rough texture. One hand sneakily slid across her rounded belly and over her mons, her palm pushing down trying to ease the ache centered there.

Wren sighed again and gave up the pretense. Sliding one finger between her labia she started a gentle stroke around her clit. Adding a second finger she rubbed up and down the area between her clit and vagina, enjoying the way it intensified the ache. Wren rearranged herself slightly in the wide bath so that she could tug massage a breast and tug at the nipple, relishing the way it echoed with a throb in her pussy.

Biting her lower lip, her head dropped back as she held onto the tingling sensation that preceded an orgasm. Her fingers moved faster, dipping into her pussy, a third finger moving lower and teasing the expanse between her cunt and ass – she had found out years ago she was extremely sensitive just there.

The prickling sensation traveled down her legs and over her torso until she could bear it no more, and dragged her fingers over her clit, directly stimulating her self till she cried out and came, shuddering.

Slumped in the bath, she wondered what it was about a man she barely knew that pushed her buttons so much. Her subconscious answered her question for her.

Maybe it was because when you were fantasizing about Craig you were also imagining a slightly taller, leaner, blonde man behind him


Celia Kyle said...

Oooooh! Yum! So what's this one about/titled? What's going on with my McCabe men? When do I get to read the rest of Santa's story? I'm going through Anne Douglas book withdrawal and these snippets are only making my adddiction worse! LOL


Anne Douglas said...

The working title that this excerpt goes to is Tea for Three and it will be set back home in New Zealand rather than a USA setting. As for the McCabes and St Nick... well I am working on it :)