Monday, September 18, 2006

A little something from a new menage story I have been working on - forgive typo's and mistakes I havent started editing yet:

Settling himself more comfortably on the bed, Craig pulled Wren’s pussy up to his mouth, kissing across the curls, then down, using his thumbs to gently open her, exposing the innermost parts of her body to his sight, taste and smell.
He bent his head to taste the pink and flushed skin already slick with her juices. Craig ran his tongue gently over the previously uncharted territory, enjoying the fact that he was the first to touch or taste her in this manner. He felt Wren quiver as he circled around her clit, moaning as he laved the little bundle of nerves with the flat of his tongue.
“Craig’s good with his tongue isn’t he Wren. He has this thing he does where he curls it around…” Jack shivered as he remembered just how that tongue felt. “Mmm…it really is rather lovely.” Moving up the bed a little, Jack leaned over and took Wren’s chin in his hand turning her face to his so he could give her the same decadent kiss that he and Craig had shared only moments before. Wren sighed as she opened her mouth so his tongue could explore the cavern of her mouth.
Craig pulled away so he could watch his partner and their lover embracing. If he hadn’t already been rock hard the erotic sight of Jack and Wren together would have had him in the same state in an instant. As it was it elevated his heart-rate so he felt a pounding throb through out his entire body, not just his engorged cock. He let his fingers carry on sweeping and probing the increasingly wet flesh or Wren’s pussy.
“Do you have any idea how hot that is?” Craig’s voice was strained. Two pairs of eyes looked back at him.
Slowly crawling his way up Wrens body, one of his legs between Jack and Wren’s bodies linking them all together, Craig leaned in, lifting Wren up with a hand under her neck to meet his lips. She shyly pressed her mouth to his, tasting for the first time her essence on a man’s skin. Groaning Craig broke away, roughly grabbing Jack and pulling him in for a much harder kiss, sharing with him the taste of the woman they surrounded.
Wren could feel the hard column of Craig’s erection pressing down on her belly, branding her with its heat. She wriggled her hips in frustration, causing a definite reaction as Craig thrust against her instinctively. Craig’s fingers and tongue had been wonderful, gently caressing her, building her up to a climax, softly but very surely and now surrounded by the heat of two very male bodies she ached for much more. She ached to be filled up by that warm flesh in a way that a cold piece of plastic never had.

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Celia Kyle said...

You're a tease Miss Douglas...A Tease! I love it! Can't wait for you to finish, submit, and publish it so I can read the rest.