Friday, October 27, 2006

Having one of those days

One of those times where you feel so uncreative. You know the ones - PMS, too much house work you have to do because you have been putting it off for two weeks, customers complaining...if it wasn't for the handful of peanut m&m's in my hot little hand I would be screaming out for a chocolate attack. I can still scream for some good foreign chocolate though, right?

Then, of course, when your feeling your scraggly worst it's a school holiday. "Mum...can we carve my pumpkin now, can we, please...Mum can we carve..." you get the idea. I am feeling really bahhumbug on the idea of handing out candy the year to the little shits that keep leaving stuff on my front lawn - NO my house is NOT for rent, thank you very much!

Can laundry scream? I think I can hear it screaming at me...or maybe that is my sink full of dirty dishes.

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