Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's the weekend!

Yay...I think. It's a big weekend here in Jacksonville.
The Florida Georgia game - potentially the most contested non nfl game of the year - if you are a Floridian or Georgian at least!
Then there is the Air show at NAS Jax...I wonder when the blue angels are due through? I think NAS Jax is their home base? Or is it the blue hornets or something and the blue angels are the NZ squad. Can you tell I am not an airshow geek?
Then, of course, there is halloween. The zoo had their big spooktacular that I might convince the family to wander along to, though more than likely they won't be much interested. We totally suck when it comes to this stuff...I guess it's coming from another country where rabid devotion to a topic is not quite the same.
I have been hunting down different promo op's and dropped into Cata-Network on Thursday with some other LI authors, and a few excerpts on the Joyfully reviewed loop.
Any readers dropping by do you have any suggestions of loops/sites that you haunt that have good promotional value?

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