Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I <3 the internet

You have to love the internet. People used to wait for the freakshow to arrive to get good quality, weird and wonderful entertainment. Now, we have the internet.

An odd statement you might say, considering after all, I am an e-published author. But the internet is so much more than that, it is a constant source of amusement for me. It keeps me warm on cold winter nights, it feeds me, it supports me, it loves me!

For example : Where else can I find anonymous support groups for strange bodily afflictions, where with a single post I can gather my friends around, so they can cosset me and assure me that my life is not over.

Another: Food...the world is my oyster, so to speak - I really wouldn't recommend oysters purchased on the net, salmonella is such a horrible way to go.

And yet another: Condom Mania Who ever would have thunk it! a condom wizard!

Now, I have seem some unusual duckies in my time - check out www.orientaltrading.com sometime, they have duckies for all occasions...well, except for this one...

Now, this truely is something new to me.
Need to hide the evidence from Mom? Dad, the kids? A Flower Power Personal Massager should do the trick! And if this isn't the ultimate accessory for a VW beetle flower vase, I don't know what is!

You know what, this site is so damn groovy I am going to add it to my weird and wonderful links list. Everyone deserves to know what Debbie and Dick get up to in their bedroom!

Personally I am kinda curious about the "See Debbie Swallow! Oral Sex Spray".

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