Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Wanting to be a responsible sort, I became an EPIC member. Lots of interesting things for writers (I'm sure publishers as well) flow through their chat groups. One of the yearly 'things' EPIC does is their EPPIE's.
You can submit an electronically published piece of work in any variety of genres - EPIC member or not - and have the chance for one of the prized finalist slots and of course, potentially a nice big pat on the back at EPCon.

Of course, the submissions can't be judged by one person alone. Judging is voluntary, but only open to EPIC members. With hundreds of entries, people volunteer to read/judge from 2 or 3 books right through to 15 (like me) and I believe some might do 20+.

I said I could read/judge a variety of genres - I read all sorts - and all sorts I got!

Obviously some of the erotic genres might prove easier since I write in that genre (you can't judge in the same section you have a entry in, so erotic contemporary is out for me). But I am looking forward to some of the non erotic titles I have waiting to read.

Better pull finger though, I have to get them done by Dec 5th, and the remaining books have 200+pages. I think I might be cuddling up to the laptop under the covers - I don't think the Palm is going to cut it for 1000 pages on the trot!

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