Saturday, November 04, 2006

A new review for me!

Two Lips Reviews

Heat Level:


Jo has been the roommate to couple Matt and Brian for years now. She has been aware of their sexual relationship and it hasn’t seemed to bother her at all. The three are the best of friends and everything is fine, mostly. Jo can’t get to a third date with any of her potential boyfriends, who either run for the hills or turn out to be gay.

Matt and Brian have known all along that Jo is their soul mate, but they’ve been biding their time, wanting her needs to be first and foremost. Now, they’re ready to let her know just how they feel in a carnal explosion that will leave them all breathless.

Persuading Jo is a great relationship-driven story. Jo’s friendship with Matt and Brian is incredibly strong and her interest in their erotic adventures is both realistic and very sexy. Matt and Brian remain strong characters yet show their vulnerability in an endearing way. Their attraction for Jo is obvious and never made me question their sexuality. Annie Douglas is a new name to me, but the way she has portrayed this ménage made a fan out of me. I’m eager to see what she has in store next for her readers.

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