Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As I make my way around the romance writing community I see people mentioning their 'zone' or their inspiration. Collages that help you to put events into focus, scene setting with candles and music, quiet /noise, a wide variety from the plain logical to the kooky. Not that all things are really that kooky - after all I can imagine asking hubby to apply a crop to my backside so I can intimately describe how that feels for the person recieving that treatment in a scene I am working on.

So...where does yesterdays purchase of a pair of deep red 4inch heels fit in?
I have to say, as I wander around the house, that it definitely does get one in the frame of mind for something! When is hubby home today?

I don't feel at all guilty for expressing my muse via shoes, after all they only cost $18.95, not $318.95. I just know that if I ever sucumb and start purchasing from the likes of Manolo Bhlanik and his other foot fetish designing cronies I will be in a world of hurt with the credit card company. Payless shoes is just fine for unleashing the inner slut for a sex scene...of course in a pair of Manolo's I could be channelling a high class ho rather than the garden variety stay at home mum type.

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