Thursday, October 12, 2006

Midlife and sex...

I was wondering, as you do, why so much romance of every sort is about young/ish single people finding the right person.

Now you can look at me weird, but I was thinking about my Mum. Shes reasonably attractive, heading toward 55 - definitely not looking like it, most days (sorry mum!) - and to my knowledge doesn't date (and hey I have been out of the country for 5 years so there is ample opportunity to date with me knowing it but I have sisters who gossip it would have got back to me). Surely reading about hot little 20 somethings can't do it for her. I mean it's all good an well to have a fantasy life, but you need to have some basis in reality somewhere along the line...right?

Why is there so little about 40+ (unless they are the distinguished uber riche bachelor who hunts himself a trophy wife) men and women. And what about married couples. It's great and all to get your jollies, or your rocks off to great erotic romance then nab your hubby in bed, but what about some stories that have husbands and wives overcoming the evil dude, and having ultra hot sex along the way. Or about trying to keep your marriage and hot sex alive while trying to avoid the "hey, daddy is playing horsies with mummy, lets jump on board daddy's back, YEA HAW" moments.

What about dedicated husbands and wives who want to explore their sexuality...surely that can be made into a sexy romantic story without delving too far into the realms of straight erotica? Or of course turning out a complete and utter balls up and ending in divorce?

What? ...Your stilling imagining the whole "gi'up and ride em cowboy moment with the kid aren't you? I can't be the ONLY one that has happened to, surely?

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