Monday, October 09, 2006

Sorry kids...

McCabes 2 is going to be a while off yet. Got a report back from my editor and pretty much she wants a rewrite of 2/3's of the book.
Well, at least I finally have an answer! I had the ms with my previous editor in April of this year, so after such a long delay it is good at least to know what their issues are with it. I don't plan on dropping the story, but since I am elbow deep in T43 self edits, and edits for PV's dec 5th release, I can't see that I will be getting this back to my editor before December.

Oh well, maybe 07 will be the year for the rest of the McCabes if I get my act together. A wait between 1 & 2, but maybe I can get 2,3,4 out closer together. Plus I see calls for submissions from a couple of publishers that I think I have some good ideas for. Idea's are all well in good of course, execution is a different kettle of fish entirely!

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Celia Kyle said...

*pout* Sorry Anne! That stinks! But at least we'll get PV and possible T43 soon. I guess that'll have to sate my Anne Douglas craving for a while until TM2 is out. Good luck with the rewrites Anne!