Saturday, December 30, 2006

New excerpts from Tea for Three

In an effort to get sorted before the new year, I have a list. Yup, a list of things that I need to get done, so I can start off the new year right.

I also have a shit show in hell of getting everything on my list done. {insert frustrated sigh here}

Blurbs, cover art requests, ms changes/edits, websites, scrub the kitchen floors, scour the toilet... yup, it's a big list.

I have managed to get my website updated Since Tea for Three has a contract, It has earned itself a brand spanking new page of its own. There is a great first chapter excerpt, too. (A pretty damn hot one, FYI!)

Now that I have spent the last 3 hours on my ass answering emails and confusing myself with website alterations, I better get up and get to some scrubbing.

Why is it toilets always need scrubbing? Why do men and 6yr olds miss the bowl? You would think they get enough practice wouldn't you?

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Isabella Snow said...

The best thing about not living with a man is the toilet only needs cleaning, not scrubbing with hazmat suits.