Friday, January 26, 2007


No, not that type of anatomy!

I am furiously working on Red Skirt, Cool Fountain (and a bottle of wine - hey its a big pivotal sex scene and I needed to loosen up after today - and how art house cool is that title FYI). I am determined to have it ready for the Samhain submissions ending on the 31st. I have worked too damn hard at this and the previous failed ms to give up now.

In my slightly hazy (just a little, mind; enough to forget the constant no, no, NO of a six(nearly seven mooom!) yr old) state, I typed a line where the Hero touches the Heroines middle regions. I started to type stomach, and thought yuck talk about unsexy, and swapped the word to belly.

I love that word. Belly.

It sounds so much softer, more womanly and sexy...or is that just me?


crowwoman / rhian said...

If your scene is humorous, maybe - cuz BELLY is an anti word. Reasoning: Belly, rhymes with jelly which shimmy and shakes and makes you think of "fatness" which creates insecurity and makes ya hold your breathe sucking in that tummy and BLUE LIPS are sooooo not sexy. At least not while making out. Heh.

Anne Douglas said...

I have to agree, blue lips while making out=bad.

But since all my heroines are the anti-heroine type - fluffy, curvy, real women everyone of them and not afraid of a steak and a shake (and the heros like them that way) - belly, by your description, just might be right on the mark!

We need a new list of words for me to plug into wordweb for stomach.

Rashenbo said...

Hehehhe, good luck and I'm sure you'll make your deadline!

Amanda Young said...

I like belly for a woman. Use it on your hero though and he sounds like he has a beer gut. lol